Artist: Dennis Tae Wook Kim - 4me4you

Artist: Dennis Tae Wook Kim


4me4you features the artist Dennis Tae Wook Kim - ”SWALLOW DANCE”.


In the latest instalment of 4me4you, we shine a spotlight on the artistic prowess of Dennis Tae Wook Kim, a highly skilled VFX compositor. Intrigued by the alluring visuals he shares on INSTAGRAM, our curiosity led us to delve deeper into his profile.

Impressed by the depth and innovation evident in his work, we extended a cordial invitation for him to grace the pages of this month’s edition. Dennis Tae Wook Kim’s exceptional creations seize the spotlight, affording our readers a firsthand encounter with the imaginative brilliance that defines his artistic journey.

Immerse yourself in the intricate world of Dennis Tae Wook Kim as we unveil a curated collection of his enchanting artwork, offering profound insights into the distinctive perspectives and technical prowess that establish him as a standout figure in the field of visual effects composition.

Artist: Dennis Tae Wook Kim