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4me4you features the artist, PET LIGER - “PUSHING INNOVATION“.


Constantinos Panayiotou stands as a luminary in the realm of artistry and creative direction, notably recognised as the visionary force behind PET LIGER. His artistic ingenuity finds its zenith in crafting footwear silhouettes that transcend convention and spark the flames of innovation. With a bold and audacious approach, PET LIGER’s designs captivate audiences, resonating with their provocative style that dares to challenge norms and redefine aesthetics.

  • At the intersection of art and technology, PET LIGER boldly ventures into the digital realm, pioneering new frontiers in fashion and expression. Through groundbreaking collaborations and visionary projects, PET LIGER has etched its mark in the metaverse landscape. Among its notable ventures are the collaborations with metaverse pioneers like Wilder World, where PET LIGER’s designs have become integral parts of transformative Genesis collections. These collaborations stand as testaments to PET LIGER’s commitment to innovation and its willingness to embrace the evolving digital canvas of expression.
  • One of PET LIGER’s most celebrated endeavours is the introduction of LIGERslides, a collection that swiftly captured the imagination of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With its fusion of daring design and unparalleled comfort, LIGERslides epitomise PET LIGER’s ethos of pushing boundaries while catering to the demands of contemporary style.
  • Beyond the confines of conventional fashion spaces, PET LIGER has ventured into the prestigious realms of art curation and collaboration. As one of the inaugural participants of Gucci’s esteemed Vault Art Space initiative, PET LIGER stands shoulder to shoulder with the vanguards of contemporary art and design. This collaboration not only underscores PET LIGER’s artistic prowess but also heralds a new era of synergy between luxury fashion and avant-garde expression.


  • Constantinos Panayiotou’s journey with PET LIGER is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and vision. Through his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, PET LIGER has carved a distinct niche in the fashion landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industry’s collective consciousness. As the journey continues, PET LIGER remains poised to redefine conventions, challenge perceptions, and inspire the next generation of creative minds.

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