Artist: Heather Horton - 4me4you

4me4you features - "NAIAD".

Artist: Madeleine Gross


4me4you had the pleasure of visiting the Pontone Gallery, where artist Heather Horton’s exhibition titled “NAIAD” was showcased.


Heather Horton’s exploration of submerged water-worlds and refracted light invites us into an amniotic space where a young woman swims, floats, and glides.


  • As viewers, we share this underwater perspective, experiencing the sensory perceptions of a contemporary naiad—a water nymph familiar from classical tales.
  • The challenge lies in expressing the intricate reflections and form modifications caused by immersion. Horton approaches this with subtlety, meticulously capturing the optical effects of sunlight through rippling water.
  • Filigree networks enhance and obscure the suspended figure’s contours, while cool tones evoke sensuality. Her palette, dominated by cerulean blues and aqueous blue-greens, occasionally punctuates with warmer reds and earth tones.
  • The clothed woman introduces tension. Why swim clothed? The diaphanous dresses hint at mystery and an implied context beyond the water—perhaps something dramatic and cinematic.
  • Unlike the sea or a river, the setting is a swimming pool, reminiscent of “The Swimmer,” a 1968 film where Burt Lancaster’s character navigates suburban pools and existential crisis. Is Horton’s female protagonist echoing a similar narrative?

Artist: Heather Horton