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4me4you features ‘Lagerfeld Confidential’.

Director: Rodolphe Marconi “Lagerfeld Confidential“.



In this enthralling film, Rodolphe Marconi delves deep into the enchanting life and artistic legacy of the iconic fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld.

Offering an intimate glimpse into the persona concealed beneath the trademark white ponytail, oversized dark sunglasses, and an aura of enigma, Marconi guides the audience through a two-year exploration of Lagerfeld’s world.

Throughout the documentary, Marconi peels back the layers of Lagerfeld’s multifaceted personality, not only highlighting his role as a trailblazing stylist but also unveiling his talents as a photographer.

Beyond fashion, Lagerfeld emerges as an intellectual with a profound passion for art, literature, and film.

The documentary also reveals Lagerfeld as a marketing genius and an extraordinary showman, adding depth to the understanding of this iconic figure.

Cast: Karl Lagerfeld

Guest star: Nicole Kidman

Director: Rodolphe Marconi

Genre:  Documentary

Selection 57th BERLINALE

Panorama Section of Berlin International Film Festival 2007