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4me4you features "Infinite Possibilities ".


4me4you features Monumental Sculptor / Artist: Ken Kelleher.


Ken Kelleher, an accomplished American sculptor, honed his artistic skills at Alfred University, where he studied under the guidance of renowned sculptors Glenn Zweygardt and William Parry. Additionally, he pursued Architecture at Miami University, under the mentorship of Robert Zwirn, Bill Housley, and Bill Ream, ultimately earning his MFA in Fine Art from Alfred University.










  • Embodying the sentiment that “sculpture is a journey that makes curiosity visible,” Kelleher ventures into the realm of 3D sculpture, crafting extraordinary works of art that stem from his imaginative prowess.









  • In a world often neglectful of the power of imagination, he takes a stand, seeking to elevate humanity’s creative capabilities. 






  • With a profound question on the commonplace and the mechanised replication of our surroundings, Kelleher’s art serves as a testament to the essence of human existence, urging observers to transcend the ordinary.
  • For Kelleher, the choice of materials adds another layer of interpretation and process to his creations. Striving for a visual expression that remains open to diverse interpretations, he invites viewers to perceive playfulness, whimsy, or even an intriguing sense of the unfamiliar in his sculptures.








  • Placed amidst the hustle of our rapidly accelerating world, these non-utilitarian forms, bold and imposing, challenge passersby to pause, ponder, and question.
  • The artist’s fascination lies in manipulating basic, elemental shapes—enlarging, altering, stacking, and reshaping them.






  • Each completed piece sparks a cascade of ideas for subsequent works. Revelling in the boundless variety achievable by manoeuvring just a few shapes through space, Kelleher enjoys exploring the myriad possibilities of arranging three fundamental forms.
  • His art, disruptive and thought-provoking, encourages observers to engage, contemplate, and embark on a journey beyond the ordinary.

Monumental Sculptor / Artist: Ken Kelleher.