4me4you FEATURES DZHUS AW21 catwalk show during Ukrainian Fashion Week .

Designer Irina Dzhus is very familiar with the perfectionist urge to ‘clone oneself’, and the message of the new season has derived from a rhetorical dilemma: is a prototype self-sufficient without a copy, or are those un-dividable,  like and object and its shadow, a form and a counter-form? Replicas and duplicates imitate the original, generating a train of phantomic projections, resembling a freeze of its dynamics. Eventually, such synthesis forms a polyphase existence with an unlimited kinetic potential.

Thus, the idea of an object’s stratification as a way to push boundaries of its utility has become the leitmotif of the Autumn/Winter capsule. Using a repetitive pattern of identical details, the designer has developed such hybrid styles as shorts/top, shirt/skirt, hat/waistcoat/hood/

peplum, as well as a line of bags modifiable into a cardigan, a coat, trousers, bustier, sleeve, jacket and other apparel categories. The variety of bags in the collection is symbolical, and their shape pays honour to recognisable types of packaging, as DZHUS continues to motivate for recycling and choice of reusable containers.

DZHUS AW21 Phygital Show at Ukrainian Fashion Week

YOUTUBE: youtu.be

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