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Artist: Lumikene 

Artist: Lumikene 


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Introducing Olga Arnold, also known as Lumikene, a creative soul whose passion for fashion ignited during her formative years. From the tender age of eight, she stumbled upon Fashion TV, captivated by the allure of elegant women adorned in extraordinary attire. This serendipitous encounter sparked a lifelong journey into the enchanting world of fashion illustration.

  • For Olga, watercolour remains her beloved medium of choice. While she employs digital tools to refine her creations, nothing quite compares to the tactile sensation of raw paper beneath her fingertips. The act of painting with watercolour is akin to a form of meditation, a tranquil process where colours blend harmoniously, cascading across the canvas with fluid elegance.
  • Throughout her artistic odyssey, Olga has had the privilege of collaborating with prestigious brands such as Ralph & Russo, Cult Gaia, and Irene Luft, among others. Her portfolio boasts a diverse array of projects, from crafting brand identities and packaging for startups to illustrating books and designing collections of scrapbooking paper in partnership with renowned German brands.
  • Join Olga Arnold on her creative journey, where every stroke of the brush reveals a story, and every hue evokes a myriad of emotions. Through her artistry, she invites us to explore the intersection of fashion, beauty, and imagination, where dreams take shape and possibilities abound.

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