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Artist: Auudi Dorsey


4me4you features the artist Auudi Dorsey - ‘Brings New Orleans to London’.


Recently, 4me4you had the privilege of exploring the captivating exhibition at PM/AM Gallery, showcasing the talented artist Auudi Dorsey.

Auudi Dorsey’s latest body of work delves into his distinctive style of figurative art, offering a poignant reflection of life in the Black American South. Dorsey’s paintings pay homage to those who nurture families and tirelessly contribute to the functioning of public services and spaces. Despite grappling with significant challenges and tumultuous histories, the artwork stands as a defiant and sincere tribute to the inspirational figures within his family and community.

Auudi Dorsey’s compelling portraits provide an intimate glimpse into the daily lives of individuals in the Black American South. Within a region marked by sociopolitical complexities, economic disparities, and environmental injustices, the Black community not only perseveres but flourishes. Dorsey’s art fearlessly confronts these complex histories while celebrating the indomitable spirit of his community. The exhibition focuses on Black blue-collar workers in New Orleans, serving as a heartfelt homage to the labourers in Dorsey’s own family and his father’s unwavering commitment to providing stability.

Dorsey’s creations intricately weave a tapestry of shared memory, fostering connections within the heart of the Black community. With deliberate nods to Black culture, his subjects evoke a sense of nostalgia that deeply resonates with viewers. These paintings transcend personal autobiography, constructing a collective narrative that captures the remarkable resilience of the Black working class. By honouring often overlooked figures, Dorsey prompts contemplation on displaced stories and invisible histories, bridging gaps and resurrecting family photo-books lost after Hurricane Katrina. These paintings serve as mirrors, encouraging individuals to find themselves and their families within the canvases, allowing personal narratives to take root, each interpretation as unique as the observer.

Each life-sized portrait takes centre stage on the canvas, immersing viewers in the subject’s presence. Dorsey’s masterful use of darker tones, complementing black skin, draws viewers closer to the artwork, revealing hidden details. This technique enhances both intimacy and intrigue, bringing forth profound emotions and contrasts that showcase the beauty of the everyday. Auudi Dorsey’s work pays homage to his community, culture, and the influential people and places that have shaped them. His paintings intricately weave the threads of Black culture, inviting us not only to see and understand but also to actively participate in the celebration of the extraordinary narratives and enduring strength of the Black American South.

Auudi Dorsey - ‘Brings New Orleans to London’