4me4you visits Stolen Space Gallery which featured “Fine Line”..

Stolen Space Gallery..>Artists: Alex Chappell; Anthony Lister; Benjamin Sack; Bruno Pontiroli; BRUSK; David Bray; D*FACE;

Evoka 1; Kai and Sunny, Ludo; Maye; Mike Makatron; Miss Van; Murmure Street; Nubian; Oker; Pete Fowler; Ronzo; Ryan Mills; Ryan Roadkill; Teresa Esgaio; Taku Obata; Usugrow; Will Barras; Yoon Hyup; Zane Prater.

Presenting this pure artistic form in all its variations. “Fine Line” showcases this monotone magic. Often it is in the moments of that immediacy of penil, pen or graphite onto paper that an artist releases ideas that have otherwise lived in their imagination until that point, freeing them and making them real.

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