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4me4you visits Unit London Gallery which showcased Dylan Gebbia-Richards  “Kinesthesia”.

Unit London Gallery…>artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards, brings insight into his transcendent works in which the organic is appropriated by the artificial. Kinesthesia, marks Gebbia-Richards’ first solo-show with Unit London and in his words:

“Kinesthesia is ones sense of their body in space. It is because of kinesthesia that we can walk in a room which is completely dark. Kinesthesia is the sum of the useful sensory information about our body in motion. My art is visual but the mental information I use to create this work comes from a kinesthetic sense, or feeling, about the work, rather than a visual or analysis of it.”

Gebbia-Richards’ works become landscapes – organic protrusions that seem to escape from the canvas. The artist embarks on a discovery of the physical manifestations of his scientific background. His geological creations, reminiscent of the landscape in Gebbia-Richards’ hometown, demand the space they inhabit in a similar way that agriculture might scale and dominate a building if left to its own devices.

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