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4me4you visits Rosenfeld Porcini which showcased Ruozhe Xue “A Distorted Reality”.

Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery….although Xue is an artist whose paintings are always concerned with the ‘human’, it is immediately noticeable that none of his characters are ever looking straight ahead at the viewer. Invariably we view the figures from behind or to the side or almost hidden from view. A man faces a wall, his hands outstretched in front of him as if in punishment, a woman faces another wall as if in shame; faces are partly obstructed by clothing as if the protagonist does not want to be revealed.

“I try to put some kind of psychological space into a portrait. The hidden face, squinting eyes and the body viewed sideways, all create an interior tension, thus constructing the transformation through painting which I am trying to achieve…” Ruozhe Xue“.

4me4you… there was a sense of reflection, when photographing these artworks from behind the lens. It’s seeing things in reverse, well from behind the lens.  A different perspective and visually inspiring.

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